The Mechanics of Reptilian Frequency Control 

     Since there is no set term for the ET contact experience then let's just use the well established term of "experiencer" with an example being my own ET related experiences began in 1988 and have continued to this day. (see: for my early experiences)

     I've had both positive and negative experiences but this page will give you my take on the core of the negative experience that I and my professional regression therapist  have uncovered over the course of several years beginning in 1994 using standard regression psychotherapy.  The negative ET phenomenon has many aspects to it as does the positive side but I am only going to focus on just one on the negative side for this webpage.  My therapist and I for a lack of a better term have titled our findings "Frequency Control".  Mind you, these are merely our findings and not necessarily the stone, cold truth but we have uncovered so much of it and it has stayed consistent over the years for both of us that to us it is solid data.  I hope the following is of interest and for some I hope it will help you with the problems you might currently be going through as an experiencer yourself.   

    Some of this will not be new information for many of you but as a whole I hope it will be akin to a light switch that clicks on a 100 watt bulb for you in your psyche and hopefully relieves the strange and unsettling energies many experiencers are feeling.  It is not new data that we have found there is a lineage of negative ETs that extend from the top down consisting of Reptilians, Grays and then down to Earth humans such as the Illuminati.  This entire lineage has as their mode of operation either "control or destroy".  What has not been known is the exacting methodology employed by them over the course of years and possibly centuries.  Many are aware of CIA programs such as MK-ULTRA which are designed to basically brainwash and then program individuals for various reasons.  This, of course, is instituted by humans and has been going on for decades under various names such as Monarch, Delta, etc.  I won't go into detail regarding this and you can certainly Google it under MK-ULTRA and find endless research on it.  However, the important thing to take away from MK-ULTRA is its design to minimize the subject's free will and, instead, insert programming of a desired nature by the programer.  

     When one also looks at ET contact experiences involving the negative Grays as most people call them, usually aspects having to do with mental manipulations are brought up as part of the contactee's experience.  What we have found is there is a much more powerful and extremely hidden aspect to mind control for humans.  Again, we have termed this Frequency Control since there has not been anything written before on the exacting nature of this mind control technology.  I use the word "exacting" because its use is exacting to the extreme.  We have found the negatively oriented Reptilian ETs use this procedure on those who REALLY need to be hammered with "control or destruction".  If you are an experiencer and have the feeling that you are here on a "mission", then they especially consider you a troublemaker and will likely not hesitate to take you and apply these measures to you.  The good news is if they have done this too you then pat yourself on the back for being worthy of the title of "troublemaker" in their eyes and know, also, because of that special attention they are giving you,  your mission here on Earth is probably extremely vital and important.



     Here is how their technology works:  You are taken off planet to a station of sorts or to an underground installation here on Earth.  The location you are in is almost completely dark although you will sense their Reptilian presence.  They do not want to be seen so they do their procedures in the shadows.  At some location in the room above you is a device that begins to emit a pulsating carrier wave.  This wave has an intensely painful effect on you both physically and mentally.  On the physical side of the equation it begins to alter your electromagnetic field and creates a sensation of density.  It creates the effect and illusion of "compacting" you to the point where you become so seemingly dense you believe that you ARE your body.  I liken this to being actually welded into your body.  In reality it is overwhelming your frequencies or wavelengths as a healthy, expansive spiritual being and at the same time giving you the mental construct that you ARE matter and not spiritual essence.   

     The second part of their operation used on you is the mental aspect.  They send a pulsating carrier wave into your psyche with thousands of bits of information flowing on it.  Remember that the primary mode in their thinking regarding us is to either "control or destroy".  Thus, they will first find out the basic components of your character and either amplify or weaken them with enforced data.  If you have a fear of being destitute they will program you with an obsession to gain and horde wealth.  If you have great social skills they will divide you into multiple personalities and try to make you socially neurotic.  They use all manner of Mobius strip type mental loops that get people lost in endless circular "logic".  They use "black and white", "left and right" implantations in order to create anxiety.  From our findings, the very root of anxiety may well be these implantations.  The use of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) in modern psychotherapy may, in reality, only be effective at its core because of duplicating and thus relieving the effects of "left and right" ET implantations.  The ETs also reverse the meaning of language and symbols...example:  the Illuminati's repressive all seeing eye on the capstone of a pyramid is in fact the opposite.  It is the symbol of the all knowing eye of illumination and consciousness from which all knowledge flows forth.  It's originally a beautiful symbol having to do with enlightened thought flowing endlessly for all to perceive from Creation itself. 

     Although as I've stated above they appear to use mechanical devices at times to create these effects, we have also discovered via our session work that often a device is not used at all and, instead, an ET uses his own superior mental powers alone to install implants.  This individual always seems to be distinctly different and considerably more advanced than the other ETs who might be assisting in the abduction.  This ET  will lean within a few inches of one's face and begin to dig deeply into one's psyche and begin to manipulate it while also installing  information.  We have found it very common that the ETs will install threatening phrases so that the experiencer will tend to not want to look at the details of abduction events at any time in their life.  The phrases range from "If you remember this it will kill you" to "If you tell anybody about this they will laugh at you".  These phrases do not seem to be words only but have the disturbing characteristic of a negative energetic component to them as well.  

     All you have to do is think of anything on this planet that is less than optimum and you will find as its root Frequency Control.  If you've looked into such things as MK-ULTRA and other forms of Earth based mental manipulations, Frequency Control by contrast is light years (probably literally!) beyond anything humans can even conceive of concocting.  The amazing thing is it is so ancient, so prevalent and so all encompassing, people don't  know it even exists.  I have been told by others that not only is Frequency Control used on individuals by the Reptilians but it is also used somehow in a blanket sense on the entire human population.  We have not uncovered anything about this in our work but I would not be surprised if this is true. 


     If all the above is true then the removal of Frequency Control would be a major step towards making living on Earth more of a blessing than a curse.  Neither my therapist friend nor I are suggesting what I have written is absolute truth.  We would ask that you as a therapist, an experiencer or an armchair reader keep an open mind and consider the possibility such a thing as Frequency Control could exist and, if so, then know that standard regression psychotherapy will relieve its symptoms when found.

------Tom Sanger------    (copyright 2013)    click to contact me


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