Regression Session Findings and Conclusions                                      

     Many people in the UFO community believe that ET abductions and the like are only carried out by Earth humans in the military with the memory of the ET abduction layered in as a screen memory.  If that theory was true then the use of standard regression therapy by way of recounting the abduction incident many times over, the screen memory of the ET should dissipate revealing military Earth humans as the perpetrators of the abduction.  This is not in our findings since the two of us have worked using regression therapy with a number of individuals and have not found this phenomenon.  Many people have had initial screen memories such as a deer as an example but after a couple of run throughs of the basics of the incident, that screen memory morphs into an ET and stays an ET no matter how many times the incident is run through from beginning to end.  

     Therefore, if the ET memories were screen memories they themselves would dissipate and alter into what was the real nature of the incident.  However, they do not and therefore we are prone to believe that the ETs themselves program into the abductees screen memories of deer, owls and even in one case chess pieces and that the ETs are very, very real, indeed. 


     Session work having to do with the ET phenomenon can be very difficult and sometimes even frustrating to navigate as a therapist.  If a therapist was to do a more standard session having to do with, say, loss in a family or relationship problems, the incidents found in these sessions would run from start to finish in ways that would be relatively predictable and rational.  However, when dealing with the recounting of ET incidents there are many things that can come up that appear to be confusing, contradictory or downright nonsensical.  Here is an example of an actual ET related incident from a session:

     The experiencer said during the beginning of the session they were walking on a beach and were with a very advanced being who was loving, wise and compassionate.  Next, they were taken onboard a UFO where there were little gray ETs who were preforming horrifying experiments on them against their will.  I, as the therapist, had encountered other similar scenarios during session work where the person stated they were with benevolent beings and then terrible things happened to them.  During the above mentioned session I had reached my wit's end trying to figure out this theme of both good ETs and negative all in one incident I had encountered before in sessions and I had read about by others doing session work as well.  

     Finally it dawned on me what the problem might be so I took a little time in the session and wrote down the following question so I could ask it exactly and get a very specific response, "Yes or no, is there a possibility you may be looking at two different incidents?".  The answer by the person was a resounding "Yes" and suddenly what looked like a ball of confusion of good ETs and negative ones all rolled into one incident, came abruptly apart and the person then had a very clear incident of at age 6 walking on a beach with a benevolent ET and at age 11 being abducted against their will by negatively oriented small, gray ETs.  

     Thus, they were able to recount an entirely positive experience with full emotions at age 6 and were able to recount the negative experience at age 11 with full and contradictory emotions.  I have used this question several times during sessions with the same result of the ball of confusion literally untangling and revealing two very separate incidents.  If you look through ET related literature you will find the consistent theme of, "They love us but they do terrible things to us".  In reality, the "They" in that statement is not one group but at least two if not several and just like humans here on Earth there are many different types of individuals spanning an entire range of intensions, actions and all other aspects of all things moral and emotional.  Imagine going to a country where there is a repressive dictatorship and having a horrifying experience of falling into the hands of the dictator's henchmen while also, at another time, having a wonderful experience of being taken in by a family who provide a savory meal and a warm place to sleep.  Obviously looking at that as a scenario as one single incident does not make sense but when looked at as two separate incidents that took place several days apart makes perfect sense.

     The same goes for ET incidents.  If the incident makes no sense in the session because there are benevolent ETs one second and then terrifying ones the next second, one can almost be certain that they are encountering at least two different incidents at two very different times in the person's life.  ETs are well known for implanting screen memories and I would postulate the balling up of events of different natures and of different time periods is also a manipulation by ET's who would rather one does not see the incidents clearly and separately.  I don't think this is a "natural" thing the mind is doing since then, logically, all non-ET oriented incidents should end up in the same balled up effect, but they don't, thus leading me to the speculation this effect has been manipulated.

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