Regression Session Stories



    I began doing regression session work in the early 1980's and have done over 3,000 hours of sessions.  It was not necessary to use hypnosis with the technique I used yet I was able to help numerous people go into their psyche and retrieve and relive their deepest experiences most of which were not available to their normal recall.  Initially with people I help them relieve grief and trauma such as deaths in the family, early abuse or physical trauma as the result of accidents, etc.  It wasn't until the activation of my own E.T. contact experience in 1988 that I was able to find the E.T. experiences of others.  I've worked with about a dozen people who have had E.T. experiences and the results of the sessions were highly successful.  I've always regarded the information that comes forth from session work as confidential but with these people I got in the habit of asking the person if it was O.K. to share the findings.  In every instance they were not only willing to share the information but were enthusiastic about making it available to others as well.


Session #1

     The first E.T. related session I did was in 1988 in Seattle, Wa.   The gentleman was in his 60's, a WWII Air Force veteran and an extremely well read individual.  The session revealed when he was very little he was floated on board a UFO that was above a park where he and his family were having a picnic.  He was only age three at the time.  He was not able to get any recall of what happened onboard but what was prominent in his mind was what he knew occurred near the end of the encounter.  They instructed him that if he ever told anyone about it they would take him up again and throw him out.  This was very traumatizing to him during the session.

Session #2 


     The second session was much more complex.  At the time I was attending a weekly UFO contactee support group in Seattle.  During one of the meetings a woman gave a talk about her confusion having to do with the E.T. experience phenomenon in that she knew she was having experiences yet had no recall of any of the details.  She had a very nervous laugh which was odd for a woman who seemed to be strong and intelligent.  She told of how 10 years before coming to the support group she had been driving over the Cascade mountain range from Seattle to visit relatives in eastern Washington.  She noticed a light in the sky that seemed to be traveling with her to the right of her car.  When she got to the valley where her relatives lived she was in an oddly emotionally upset state.  She saw that the light was over the valley and she ran into the relative's house to tell them to come out quickly to see the light.  They came out just in time to see the light race off at a very high rate of speed.  At the end of her talk I told her that I did regression work and she agreed to a session.

     The next day I visited her house and was surprised she told me she was a professional person who had not been employed for the past 10 years and she also was a small plane pilot.  She said that since that night of seeing the light in the sky her life had been a shambles.

     I had her sit in a comfortable chair and close her eyes.  She began to recount her story of 10 years previous and although the details were scant on the first run through, I had her go through it again.  On the third recounting she said she stopped the car at the top of the mountain pass and on the fourth run through all the hidden details came forth with a rush.  

     She had gotten out of her car and the entire area was bathed in light.  There was a UFO several yards away and three small beings were coming towards her.  She began to get very emotional and frightened at this point in the session.  The beings came up to her and took her onboard.  She became embarrassed and said she didn't want to tell me out loud what they did to her so I said it would be O.K. to silently go through this portion of the incident.  I had her silently recount this part of the incident several times until she said she felt much better about it.  She mentioned that she was placed on a table and I surmised that there was likely an examination done by the E.T.'s having to do with a sexual nature but those details were never revealed outright in the session.

     When they were finished with her one of them telepathically communicated with her the thought, "We will see you again."  I had her repeat just that phrase by itself over and over and she cried and cried.  This was the key release point of the session.  That singular implanted phrase had caused the end of her life as a normally functioning human being.  It was the equivalent of being a rape victim and being told that the violation most definitely would happen again and she would never know when that would be or how many times it would occur.

     She then volunteered that this sort of thing had happened to her earlier in her life.  She was raised on a ranch and had her own horse.  She was 11 at the time and was well out on the range by herself.  A UFO came down and some beings greeted her.  She did not feel afraid and, instead, felt comfortable with them. They told her that it would be for the good of all if she would let them do an examination.  At age 11 she didn't know anything about sexuality so the type of exam they did on her did not seem wrong as it did in her later encounter with most likely different and more malevolent beings.  

     At the end of the session she felt completely free from the emotional grip the incident had on her for 10 long years.  Amazingly, she had lost the nervous laugh she had when I first met her. 

Session #3 

     In late 1991 I moved to Flagstaff, Az. and I became friends with a shop owner and mother of two young adults who thought she might have had ET encounters.  In January of 1992 we sat down and did a session.  She recounted that she was somehow with a very spiritually advanced and loving female being who was walking with her and imparting wisdom and knowledge.  The next moment in the session she found herself on a UFO where she was placed on a cold metallic table and painful experiments were done on her.  I could not understand how a being of such advanced spiritual understanding could lead someone into a trap of abduction and painful experimentation.  Finally it dawned on me that these might be two separate incidents that could even be years apart from each other in relation to their occurrences.  I asked her, "Yes or no, is there a possibility that you are looking at two different incidents?"  Her response was a resounding, "Yes" and at that point to two incidents separated from each other chronologically and we were able to find out more fully what had happened in each.  

     At one point in the negatively oriented incident of abduction, she said that the ETs had made a cut in her wrist.  After the session she looked at her wrist and was astounded to see a small linear scar in the exact spot she had experienced it in the session.  

Session #4

     Soon after I had done the session with the shop owner, I met a remarkable woman who was Native American and was raised on a reservation.  She was at the time I met her a professional therapist.  In our session we went back to a time when she was 7 and there was a storm brewing.  She was being very "bad" and was taking a dip in the big tank that the cows on the reservation drank out of.  She said in the voice of a 7 year old, "I just  skim off the cow stuff and its not so bad.  I'm not afraid of cows."  

     The next thing she knows she's out of the water and hugging a post for dear life.  "I don't like THAT cow!"  I got her to look at the cow a couple of times and then she said in the voice of a 7 year old, "That's not a cow!"  It was a silver object with beings coming towards her.  The lead being was carrying some sort of triangular object that created a paralyzing effect on her.  She was still gripping the post in terror.  

     The next thing she knew she was on her back on a cold, metallic table and a being was putting a needle up her nose.  Anything she thought that was rebellious caused her paralysis to increase.  There were no physical restraints observable but this was somehow done mentally by the being.  It seemed that anything she did that went along with what they wanted caused a relaxation and any form of resistance caused a tightening of the body. 

     She could see with her peripheral vision some sort of monitor.  She was telepathically instructed not to look at it.  She caught glimpses of it even though she paid a paralyzing penalty for each peek.  It was a schematic of what she knew was the inside of her head.  It was 3 dimensional and seemed almost alive.   She knew that they were using it to help guide the needle movements in order to place something in her brain.  She told me she had epilepsy and the location of where they had placed the implant was right where it is thought that epilepsy might be centered in the brain.  

     The next day after the session it dawned on her that several years previous she had become obsessed with a film she had seen as a child.  It was a cartoon with mice and a schematic for what an imaginary inside of a person's head might look like.  The mice were able to go inside the person's brain.  It obsessed her so much that after she had become a therapist she went all the way back to her childhood school and asked if they still had the film.  She was told there was no record of  such a film ever existing.  

Session #5

     For the next session I worked with the shopkeeper's son.  He said that for years he had an obsession with the idea of parcheesi men being in his wall at age 11.  In the session I had him go back to age 11.  He was lying in bed at night and he was enveloped in a blue light.  He felt totally paralyzed.  I had him go through this several times in the session and after a bit he lost the feeling of paralysis and was able to see a being's face emerge through the wall.  First one being came through and then two others followed on his heels.  He knew these ETs and they were friendly towards him.  They invited him to go with them.  The beings then exited through the wall with him in between them.  I asked what it was like to be IN the wall and he said it was like a veil of particles. 

     He was floated to a ship.  He stood outside the UFO with one of the beings.  His body was thin and tiny.  He had on a tight fitting suit that had a collar with what looked like an insignia of sorts.  He had sharp facial features with prominent ridges above his eyes.  

     They took him onboard and the ship was so filled with light that he couldn't make out anything in detail.  It seemed like a "living light" like one that might have consciousness.  They took him to what seemed like a home planet that was very green.


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